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Summer Internship Program 2013(S.I.P.)
Technical Advancement & CSR Department jointly has designed this Internship Program for IT & CS Students. First time in India in Internship any IT company is taking initiative to gather the intellectual power together to reshape the career opportunities of technocrats.

Latest Concepts Introduced at (SIP):-
  • 1. On-Line Internship Portal for students.
  • 2. Live Projects/ Group Projects.
  • 3. All Associated Colleges & Students.
  • 4. Self Employment Campaign for students.
  • 5. Online Shoppe for Individual College students for Project Promotion & Development./li>
  • 6. FDP/TAP/TEP at college campus for technical up gradation.
  • 7. Industrial Visit at different company Locations.
  • 8. Guest Lectures for technical advancement.
  • 9. Pre Placement Training for Successful recruitments/placements.

  • Advanced Training Techniques Introduced at GENX for SIP:-
  • 1. Intern Induction for ICE BREAKING.
  • 2. Technical Training/Platform Training.
  • 3. SDLC Training (Including all software Development Phases).
  • 4. On-Line Server Training Portal ( For Overseas Project Management).
  • 5. Concept Development Training (To develop technical concept).
  • 6. HR Training (To know the HR practices of a company like Emp. Letters, CTC etc.).
  • 7. PDP (Right from Interview till Employment).
  • 8. Training of Corporate & Cyber Laws(For successful career).

  • Type of Projects Offer to Intern:-
  • 1. Industrial Projects:-
    We can also call it a project offered by our client or demanded. As in this case owner of source code become the person “Client” who pay for this.
  • 2. Research Projects:-
    This type of projects include those application which are designed on the behalf of Market/User research to offer valuable services to the clients.

  • Project Facilities:-
  • 1. A candidate will be allowed to make two projects from our S&D Division; other projects will be individual consideration.
  • 2. On-Line Shoppe will be offered to the Candidate for Selling & Promoting the project on-line in International Market.
  • 3. Log In ID & Password will be offered for 1 year from company with permission of college.

  • Stipends & Remuneration:-
    In case of Intern a candidate will get stipend according to rules & norms of H.R.D. Followings are the type of stipend students may avail:-
  • 1. Company will give the live exposure to work on clients project, in that case candidate normally gets paid from our overseas clients on-line min 4$ per Hour.
  • 2. The project made by candidate will be uploaded on our on-line portal, where candidate can decide about the price quotation. Whatever cash will be received by client candidate will be benefited after deducting service tax.
  • 3. Direct stipend might get paid by HRD when candidate is directly working on our own projects. In that case upto5000/- (In Indian Currency)
  • 4. If candidate get selected for the post of Team Leader will get paid for the same for team management.

  • Final Placement & Selection:-
  • 1. Student who has perused his/her internship from the company will get 40% privilege in openings in GENX at any branch in INDIA as well Over Seas.
  • 2. Some selected student will get PRE PLACEMENT OFFER from the company at the time of Joining as an Intern.

  • (A) Economic Details of Internships:-

    Cost Of Internship Application:-
  • 1- Company will not charge any cost of internship if a candidate is ready and capable enough to work on our industrial projects. All the above mentioned facilities would be offered free of cost to the candidate.
  • 2- If Company find students are not capable enough to work on technology Technical & Industrial Training would be delivered from the Technical Department and a part of that would be paid from candidate side.
  • 3- Scholarship would be given to the brilliant students according to the category.

  • Our Important Official Websites For Internship Details:-
  • 1. Student’s Project Shpoee.
  • 2. Student’s Footage.
  • 3. Internship Apply & Guidance.
  • 4. Internship Portal.

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